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The Greatest Gift of All December 22, 2011

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I started thinking today about the greatest gift I had received to date. The first thing that popped in my head…being a mother. The most wonderful feeling in the world to me is watching my children’s faces light up when they see me, or run to me when they get hurt.

The moment after I birthed Paige and Colt, there was a moment of ecstasy. I’m still not sure if it was relief, excitement or a combination of the two, but at those two moments my life changed forever.

But with the good comes the bad…many women aren’t able to have children. Everything in life happens for a reason, and some things are truly meant to be. Families like the Duggars…who choose to have 20 children, have their own television show, and are almost rewarded daily for their ability to get pregnant. It almost makes me sick. While she is having a new baby every year, many women are having trouble conceiving. However, I was very sorry to hear about their loss, no family should have to go through that.

It seems like everyday there is another story of abuse, or death of a baby. Everyday a child’s innocence is lost, and they won’t ever be able to lead a normal life. I truly believe that if more people considered adoption, the world would see a lot less crimes directed towards the youth. As long as man exists there will always be flaws, and always be wrong doing.

I want mothers who read this post to know how blessed you are. Whether you birthed your children or adopted, don’t take any day for granted.



2 Responses to “The Greatest Gift of All”

  1. misskeith017 Says:

    I was thinking about adoption too. I have my only son, and I’m thinking if I don’t get a chance to have another baby (I would really love to be married before I birth anymore children) then I’ve considered adoption but have decided to become a foster mother instead. I would still love too even if I do have more of my own children; there are so many children in the government system who I believe would benefit from loving homes and a healthy environment and I would love to give that to them.

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