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Tips for making outtings with children easier January 2, 2012

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Adjusting to two children has definitely been a challenge. Going out, car trips, and dinners in public going badly are almost a nightmare of mine. I know everyone has their own tricks for keeping their kids happy.. I thought I’d share mine!

  1. Plan ahead: This rule really applies for shopping trips. I always make sure I prepare my grocery list. I’m kind of obsessive about it, I even group things according to which aisle they are on, and in order. I can get through the store quicker, and don’t have to diddle-daddle too much.
  2. Plan ahead part 2: It’s important to make sure everyone is happy! I try to avoid going out if someone is overly tired, or ill. I also make sure the kids are fed and changed.
  3. Bring back-ups: Sometimes melt downs in public are inevitable. I try to bring either a toy, or a snack that will make my kids happy. Paige is very food-oriented. If I know she is getting ill, I’ll pull out some crackers. With Colt, I have a fun toy that lights up. Make sure your well equipped for other mishaps too.. extra change of clothes, diapers, wipes, or whatever else you think you may need.
  4. Go with the flow: I know this sounds difficult..but sometimes it’s impossible to keep everyone happy. Don’t get normally makes it worse. Some extra attention is sometimes in order. Try to make things fun. In the stores especially, Paige will get bored. I’ll try to make picking things off of our list silly, or dance, even though I look ridiculous to other people.
  5. Figure out what triggers melt-downs: This in itself can be difficult…but try to figure out what your child is upset about. If you can avoid it before it happens.. problem solved!

What are your tricks?


2 Responses to “Tips for making outtings with children easier”

  1. I can relate to this one, we went out for sushi last week and my daughter started screaming as soon as we walked in. I ended up walking her around the restaurant for 10 minutes to calm her down.

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