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Maintaining Physical Health January 6, 2012

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With two kids..I would love nothing more than to see them grow up, have kids of their own, and possibly even see great grand kids. Maintaining physical health is one of the most important things I can do to ensure that this happens.

Coming from a very active backround..filled with ballet, horse-back riding, and gymnastics, this is the first time in my life I haven’t been as spirited and as physically active as I used to be. Believe it or not…

This is me: taken in 2009, a few months before I got pregnant with Paige. Had motherhood not chosen me, I probably would be fullfilling my dream of being in the circus. As odd as that sounds, Cirque du Soleil was in my future. But, things happen for a reason, and I would not change my life now for the entire world!

Health and physical fitness have always been a big part of my life, and I wanted to share with everyone simple ways to live a longer, healthier life.

Eating a well balanced diet:  I know for a fact, that this is easier said than done. It’s hard to want to cook a healthy meal after a long day, or avoid stopping at the fast food restaurant. Take baby steps.. add more vegetables to your plate at dinner, or add a salad. Try eliminating one fast food trip during the week. Every little bit counts.

Get some exercise: This is a lot easier than you think. Exercising doesn’t have to be time in the gym, or lifting weights. It could be a simple walk around the neighborhood, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  Just thirty minutes per day can make the world of difference. As we get older, it’s natural to loose flexibility, and at an older age, this can make things very difficult. Regular exercise can help to maintain flexibility throughout life.

Drink more water: Making it a point to drink more water not only can increase your metabolism, help your body with aches and pains, but it’s a natural detox to clean out all the impurities. Think about it, your body is made of 75% water…try drinking at least two-three glasses per day.

Be More Social: I know you are wondering what this is doing in the list. Studies show that being more social, can actually reduce stress. Those who are isolated are prone to loneliness, and depression. So, be social, and get active! Enjoy friends, and laughter. It’s good for the soul:)



11 Responses to “Maintaining Physical Health”

  1. The last one you mentioned is something I’m focusing more on this year. With four children and many responsibilities it can be a challenge to fit in regular time with friends. I just sat down last night with my husband and planned a social weekend away of some sort each month this coming year.

    My best friend doesn’t live near me anymore but at least she is in the same state. So driving up to visit her for a weekend doesn’t cost much at all. I’ll vary the visits taking at least one or more children with me, even the whole family once, and sometimes going by myself. We all love visiting with her so it should be a lovely social year seeing her more often.

    I know it’s going to improve my mental, emotional, social and thus physical self 🙂

    Have you mantained your flexibility since the births?

    • I too am working on this last one. Since I moved south and had kids, I don’t have much in common with old friends. Social networking is really the only outlet I have with people I know. So making new friends is definitely a New Year’s resolution. I hope you get to spend more time with your friend..I can imagine planning around everyone’s schedule would be a litle difficult. After the births, I’m not nearly as flexible as I’d like to be. I keep up with stretching as much as I can, but it can get frustrating when there is so much to be done. I’m hoping that within the next year, I can start Paige in ballet, and start up again myself. We will see though, she may be headed down a different track! Thanks for reading, as always:)

  2. emmyk Says:

    wow so great! I am also working on the last one! 🙂 I have a tendency to be outgoing one on one, but sometimes have a harder time in larger settings. I am working on it though. Great blog! and amazing picture! WOW! Thanks for the great blog!

    • I can’t totally understand..don’t worry! Since moving a few hours from my hometown, I have yet to really get out of my shell, and make new friends. And even more recently, a new mother of two, I’m just now getting comfortable enough to take them both in public! Thanks for reading:) Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Barbara @ Just Another Manic Mommy Says:

    great post and so important…but that picture…wow!!! I would totally frame it and hang it proudly in my living room 🙂

  4. I used to be able to do that too! But it was from Bikram yoga.

  5. Hey Ashley! I have put a link to your blog on my site to help support you. I hope you don’t mind, I’m just trying to help out fellow bloggers. But if for some reason you do mind, let me know and I will take it down. Thanks and great blog btw!

  6. pamiejane Says:

    wow, I battle to touch my toes with my hands, never mind my head. Flexibility is not one of my strengths. It is something I should work on.

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