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Legitimate ways to work from home March 10, 2012

As a stay at home mom, I am constantly on the search for ways to make money, and never having to put my children in daycare, or in the care of a stranger. I’ve seen my share of scams, and in today’s world, they are everywhere! I’ve complied my list of sites that I’ve found that can lead to jobs at home, or just extra money. All of these links can be found on the right side of the page under “Work From Home.”

 1. Mysurvey: Here you can earn points for completing surveys. When you register, you provide some information about yourself and they match you with surveys accordingly. You are given points according to how long the survey was, or how much you had to participate. You can then exchange your points for rewards. I usually exchange my points for PayPal money, and either get something I need on Ebay, or switch the money into my bank account.  I usually get about $40 per month, which isn’t much but every little bit helps!

2. Elance: If you have special talents, or skills, Elance has thousands of job listings. People and companies post jobs or projects they need completed, that can be full-time, or just something quick. There are many types of jobs on here, and you really have to check it out to believe me. Once you complete your profile, you can search for jobs, and submit proposals on the ones that you can complete. The individual or company will then choose someone to complete it.

3. Find Focus Groups: Search in your area for studies, or for companies needing products tested. You complete a quick survey, and if you qualify, you participate and get paid! Some of these require you to actually attend studies. From what I’ve seen, they are usually on the weekends.

4. Task Rabbit: Have spare time on your hands? This website has many jobs posted from people who don’t have any extra time to do the simple things that you and I do…laundry, grocery shopping, and picking up the dry cleaning.  This is a fairly new site, and they are only serving certain US cities. But check back in, they are expanding!

5. Pro Blogger Job Boards: Here is a list of freelance writing jobs you can do from home. It is updated daily, so check back!

I will keep up my search for more sites! Enjoy your weekend:)


8 Responses to “Legitimate ways to work from home”

  1. Another site that might be of interest is For completing user tests of websites, you can earn $10 for each successfully completed survey of a website. Normally you just have to look for a few pieces of information and talk aloud about what you are doing, seeing etc.

    Thanks for the other suggestions!

  2. Kristen Says:

    This is exactly what I needed! Awesome!

  3. mummybigbum Says:

    This is fantastic, thank you…should come in handy. I’ve tried doing surveys but I never found I was making anything from it – I’d answer a whole load of questions and then be told I wasn’t the right type of person for that survey. Maybe I’ll go back to it though and hope that my opinion is worth something!

    I love your blog and have tagged you in this You’re under no obligation to join in, but if you thought it was your kind of thing I’d really love to read your answers; you have a brilliant writing style.

  4. What fantastic suggestions! I’m going to pass some of these on to friends looking for a little extra income!

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