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Easter! April 17, 2012

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Okay..better late than never. 

Paige with her oversized Easter basket.

Our day started at an all too early 6am. Brandon was first out of bed, and couldn’t wait to show Paige her Mickey Mouse Easter basket. And of course was more than willing to let her eat all of her candy (keeping in mind that at this point, its 6:30 in the morning). Later, we went to have lunch. Brandon’s mother saved me from my cooking plans. Probably for the better… I couldn’t have imagined a better Easter lunch, finished with home-made ice cream!

The guys set out the eggs for Paige to find. She didn’t really get the point that you find all the eggs, then eat what’s inside. I think we spent five minutes at each stopping point, to open the egg, unwrap the chocolate for her, and she would eat it. A little left over evidence here:

Colt slept through all of the festivities. But woke up just in time for a picture!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, and got to spend time with family! Enjoy your week.

Did you do anything fun with your families?


Just another Wednesday! February 22, 2012

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After begging and begging…neither child will stop growing. It never fails to amaze me the things both of them learn everyday.

This is Paige explaining in great detail what face lions make. It won’t be long, and she will be two! It is so wonderful to see her grow and develop everyday. I can just watch her mind putting words together to make sentences, and nothing makes me happier! Of course every parent thinks their kid is a genius…and I’m no different!

And Colt who will be turning five months tomorrow, has become the biggest Momma’s boy. Of course I don’t mind.

Unfortunately nothing else is new on our end! We celebrated Valentines day over sushi at home, and after receiving a very big and very thoughtful box of chocolate, I’m still blissfully enjoying it! I don’t think you understand what I mean by a big box… in takes up half of my body: big. I didn’t realize I had been complaining about the house being free of chocolate, I guess he bought it as a joke. But I as happy! Here you can see us enjoying Paige’s present:

I hope everyone is enjoying their week! Does anyone have any suggestions about what they would like to read on my next post? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



Dramatizing: verb 1. Part of Being a Mom January 25, 2012

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You may be wondering about the title of my post. No, that’s not literally what dramatizing really is to express or represent vividly, emotionally, or strikingly.

While reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” for the fourth time today, I noticed everything I do with Paige is a production. I always use my hands…to show how big something is, or use different voices, to emphasise different characters. She gets really into stories now, which makes it more fun. But I quickly realized that stories aren’t the only time I’m acting during the day now. Potty training for example.. anything to do with the potty has to be overly exciting (which we all know it’s not) just to get her excited about it. Clapping hands, dancing, cheering..anything along these lines works. Feeding the dog on the other hand, has to be very bad, with an angry voice, and a pointed help her understand not to do this.  She gets bored during the day, we dance, sing, and chase around the dog. Any adult looking at me during the day would probably pick me as a lunatic. On the contrary: I’m entertaining my daughter!

Just from “acting” around her..she has learned different emotions. During Finding Nemo, another one of her favorites, she will shout,” OH NO!” during a dramatic part, or get excited when the mood is lightened. I’m beginning to realize everything that I do, she is learning from. It’s really exciting. What I teach her, she will carry with her, and teach Colt, and teach her children.

What funny things to you do to teach your children, or keep them entertained?



Tips for making outtings with children easier January 2, 2012

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Adjusting to two children has definitely been a challenge. Going out, car trips, and dinners in public going badly are almost a nightmare of mine. I know everyone has their own tricks for keeping their kids happy.. I thought I’d share mine!

  1. Plan ahead: This rule really applies for shopping trips. I always make sure I prepare my grocery list. I’m kind of obsessive about it, I even group things according to which aisle they are on, and in order. I can get through the store quicker, and don’t have to diddle-daddle too much.
  2. Plan ahead part 2: It’s important to make sure everyone is happy! I try to avoid going out if someone is overly tired, or ill. I also make sure the kids are fed and changed.
  3. Bring back-ups: Sometimes melt downs in public are inevitable. I try to bring either a toy, or a snack that will make my kids happy. Paige is very food-oriented. If I know she is getting ill, I’ll pull out some crackers. With Colt, I have a fun toy that lights up. Make sure your well equipped for other mishaps too.. extra change of clothes, diapers, wipes, or whatever else you think you may need.
  4. Go with the flow: I know this sounds difficult..but sometimes it’s impossible to keep everyone happy. Don’t get normally makes it worse. Some extra attention is sometimes in order. Try to make things fun. In the stores especially, Paige will get bored. I’ll try to make picking things off of our list silly, or dance, even though I look ridiculous to other people.
  5. Figure out what triggers melt-downs: This in itself can be difficult…but try to figure out what your child is upset about. If you can avoid it before it happens.. problem solved!

What are your tricks?


The Greatest Gift of All December 22, 2011

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I started thinking today about the greatest gift I had received to date. The first thing that popped in my head…being a mother. The most wonderful feeling in the world to me is watching my children’s faces light up when they see me, or run to me when they get hurt.

The moment after I birthed Paige and Colt, there was a moment of ecstasy. I’m still not sure if it was relief, excitement or a combination of the two, but at those two moments my life changed forever.

But with the good comes the bad…many women aren’t able to have children. Everything in life happens for a reason, and some things are truly meant to be. Families like the Duggars…who choose to have 20 children, have their own television show, and are almost rewarded daily for their ability to get pregnant. It almost makes me sick. While she is having a new baby every year, many women are having trouble conceiving. However, I was very sorry to hear about their loss, no family should have to go through that.

It seems like everyday there is another story of abuse, or death of a baby. Everyday a child’s innocence is lost, and they won’t ever be able to lead a normal life. I truly believe that if more people considered adoption, the world would see a lot less crimes directed towards the youth. As long as man exists there will always be flaws, and always be wrong doing.

I want mothers who read this post to know how blessed you are. Whether you birthed your children or adopted, don’t take any day for granted.