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Work from home page update May 2, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

For those of you interested, I just updated my “work from home” page. I’ve added two more sites that I have found to help bring in extra money.


1. Opinion Place: You are given a new survey on this site about once per week, and they will pay you accordingly..usually $2-$3. They pay you with a Paypal or Amazon certificate sent to your email account. It doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but it adds up over time! Add this to other survey sites you use, and it helps.

2. Jingit: This site is relatively new to me..and I’m still figuring it out. You are paid to watch advertisement videos. Usually they will pay between $5-$10 per week. They also have apps for Andriod and Iphones that allow you to check in at certain places, and take surveys about a particular product.

So, add those two to your list! All of the sites I have mentioned can be found under the “Work From Home” page at the top.


My mom is coming in town tomorrow to visit the kids, and also attend my older sister’s baby shower on Sunday.  Her son is due at the end of July, and we are all so excited! Unfortunately, she lives a few states away, so don’t see them too often. My sister has always been my best friend, and been there for me through everything. I am so excited to meet her son, and look forward to watching our kids grow up together! Even if it’s just on holidays:)

Paige is turning two on the 19th, if you can believe it! Check back soon, I will be sharing her birth story!

Paige at the Fish Hatchery Aquarium

Paige and Tank


Colt just turned seven months, and is getting so big! I think he will skip crawling, and just go on to walking. He’s already pulling and standing up!

Thank you to everyone who takes time from their day to read my posts! I hope your week is going great!



Just another Wednesday! February 22, 2012

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After begging and begging…neither child will stop growing. It never fails to amaze me the things both of them learn everyday.

This is Paige explaining in great detail what face lions make. It won’t be long, and she will be two! It is so wonderful to see her grow and develop everyday. I can just watch her mind putting words together to make sentences, and nothing makes me happier! Of course every parent thinks their kid is a genius…and I’m no different!

And Colt who will be turning five months tomorrow, has become the biggest Momma’s boy. Of course I don’t mind.

Unfortunately nothing else is new on our end! We celebrated Valentines day over sushi at home, and after receiving a very big and very thoughtful box of chocolate, I’m still blissfully enjoying it! I don’t think you understand what I mean by a big box… in takes up half of my body: big. I didn’t realize I had been complaining about the house being free of chocolate, I guess he bought it as a joke. But I as happy! Here you can see us enjoying Paige’s present:

I hope everyone is enjoying their week! Does anyone have any suggestions about what they would like to read on my next post? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



Dramatizing: verb 1. Part of Being a Mom January 25, 2012

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You may be wondering about the title of my post. No, that’s not literally what dramatizing really is to express or represent vividly, emotionally, or strikingly.

While reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” for the fourth time today, I noticed everything I do with Paige is a production. I always use my hands…to show how big something is, or use different voices, to emphasise different characters. She gets really into stories now, which makes it more fun. But I quickly realized that stories aren’t the only time I’m acting during the day now. Potty training for example.. anything to do with the potty has to be overly exciting (which we all know it’s not) just to get her excited about it. Clapping hands, dancing, cheering..anything along these lines works. Feeding the dog on the other hand, has to be very bad, with an angry voice, and a pointed help her understand not to do this.  She gets bored during the day, we dance, sing, and chase around the dog. Any adult looking at me during the day would probably pick me as a lunatic. On the contrary: I’m entertaining my daughter!

Just from “acting” around her..she has learned different emotions. During Finding Nemo, another one of her favorites, she will shout,” OH NO!” during a dramatic part, or get excited when the mood is lightened. I’m beginning to realize everything that I do, she is learning from. It’s really exciting. What I teach her, she will carry with her, and teach Colt, and teach her children.

What funny things to you do to teach your children, or keep them entertained?



Balance January 17, 2012

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One of the most important things I’ve learned as a mother, and apparently still working on, is how to balance things. Everyday, it seems like my to-do list is endless, and continuously growing. Dishes keep coming, clothes keep getting dirtier, the dog repeatedly needs to go to the bathroom…it’s almost unnerving, and never-ending. For some reason lately, my OCD (obsessive cleaning disorder in my case), has come on full force. I can’t stand to have any dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor, toys out of the toy-basket, blankets unfolded, or spots on the counter. Everything in my house has a “home” as I like to call it, and I have to make sure everything is put back where it goes.

So..I find things getting out of balance. I can’t enjoy time with my family because I’m too worried about something needing to be done. Thinking about the dishes alone makes me anxious, and almost nervous. But why? Why can’t I just accept the fact that there will ALWAYS be dirty dishes, and laundry, and toys to pick up?

I guess it doesn’t make things any easier, having Brandon, who doesn’t care anything about the house being long as he has food on the table, he’s happy. So of course, upon walking through the door, I can count on boots in the middle of the kitchen, two socks on the couch, followed by a shirt..and then at least two drinking glasses. Along with Brandon, I have two children under the age of 2. Paige, is a walking tornado. Everything she touches ends up on the floor. But oddly enough, I can already see that she will get the clean genes. She stole my broom yesterday, and started sweeping her changing table. Colt on the other hand, is 4 months old…he has an excuse.

I finally had to put a stop to things yesterday, when I went behind Paige 4 times, and put her toys back in her toy box…only to see her walk back over there, and throw each one over her shoulder onto the floor. I need to get back to maintaining balance in our day. Cleaning at certain times, and playing at certain times. Unfortunately this is easier said than done. I need to work on it.



The Greatest Gift of All December 22, 2011

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I started thinking today about the greatest gift I had received to date. The first thing that popped in my head…being a mother. The most wonderful feeling in the world to me is watching my children’s faces light up when they see me, or run to me when they get hurt.

The moment after I birthed Paige and Colt, there was a moment of ecstasy. I’m still not sure if it was relief, excitement or a combination of the two, but at those two moments my life changed forever.

But with the good comes the bad…many women aren’t able to have children. Everything in life happens for a reason, and some things are truly meant to be. Families like the Duggars…who choose to have 20 children, have their own television show, and are almost rewarded daily for their ability to get pregnant. It almost makes me sick. While she is having a new baby every year, many women are having trouble conceiving. However, I was very sorry to hear about their loss, no family should have to go through that.

It seems like everyday there is another story of abuse, or death of a baby. Everyday a child’s innocence is lost, and they won’t ever be able to lead a normal life. I truly believe that if more people considered adoption, the world would see a lot less crimes directed towards the youth. As long as man exists there will always be flaws, and always be wrong doing.

I want mothers who read this post to know how blessed you are. Whether you birthed your children or adopted, don’t take any day for granted.



Fifteen minutes later… December 21, 2011

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With Christmas almost here, I am frantically trying to make sure everything is ready. So after a request to go to the store, I went ahead and picked up my holiday baking needs, and dinner for the family (sorry no recipe tonight!), and left the kids with Brandon.

Fifteen minutes later…

As soon as I walked in the door, all I hear is “Ashley!!!”

Colt, who has had tummy troubles for the last two months, only poops at most once a week. There isn’t anything wrong with him, that’s just how his body is working for the time being. Well anyways, his last BM was Sunday. The thought of him pooping while I was gone didn’t even cross my mind. Wrong! I follow Brandon’s voice to Colt’s room, where he is naked on the changing table, with poop all over him, the table, and Brandon’s hands. I can’t help but laugh. Of course, I got him all clean!Brandon is still amazed that I can keep my food down everyday. After getting Colt all cleaned up, we could continue to dinner.

On a lighter note..(literally)
We got a new car today!! Our cousin Melanie has been nice enough to let us borrow her car while she went away to basic training in the air force. After having it for six months, then having to go back to my two door, single cab truck, we quickly realized it wasn’t going to work for the four of us anymore. We are now the proud owners of a 2007 hummer H3. I know many of you are questioning the gas mileage. Although I know that there are so many other vehicles that probably would have been a better choice, I ultimately picked something we both liked, and I would be the happiest with. Not to mention, the gas mileage is significantly better than a lifted F-150 and 2500HD. Here is Paige and Brandon testing out the sunroof…


Don’t worry, Brandon is holding her!



Living the American Dream

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  1. Name: Ashley
  2. Hometown: Alpharetta, GA
  3. Birthday: January 1
  4. Occupation: Stay at home mom

Occupation. Stay at home mom. Why can’t I write.. Occupation: everything under the sun to make sure everyone is happy? Just uttering the words “stay at home mom” can bring a variety of thoughts into people’s heads. What most don’t realize though, is that it is one of the hardest jobs there is. I am solely responsible for how my kids are brought up: what they believe in, see, hear, understand, and how they behave. It is a lot of pressure. Why are women constantly being belittled because of it?

Many years ago, most considered “The American Dream” to be an ideal living situation. Most men worked during the day, providing for their family, and the wives stayed home and tended to the children. For many different reasons, this is no longer the case. A financially straining society forces both parents to work, and place children in daycare. Dads stay at home, while the mothers work. And in other situations, both parents prefer to work just for that extra income. I realize there are many other situations in which families run. Whatever the case may be, every family runs a little bit differently, and couldn’t be without the help of everyone.

A big problem I’ve been facing recently is why men think that women who stay at home do not contribute to the household. This past weekend, Brandon and I went car shopping. We were sure that it would be his credit that affected the outcome of our purchase, or even the condition of the truck we were trading in. The actual problem was me. The financer told me that while I was doing the stay at home mom ‘thing’ and didn’t have a job..I was non-existent in the credit world, therefore I couldn’t be on the loan, and denied us a car. According to this man, I needed to have an income to contribute in my family. I found myself really down the rest of the day. Was changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, keeping up with bills, running errands and keeping everyone happy not enough? No it wasn’t. I needed to be out in the real world, instead of sitting at home playing with my kids, as he clearly thought I did.

At the end of the day, I had to brush it off. I looked around at a clean house, happy kids, and a good meal on the table, and knew that I worked hard that day.  My job is to make sure the main provider of the house, has everything he needs taken care of, and that Paige and Colt are completely cared for. Not only that, but I am saving my family hundreds of dollars per week by simply staying and caring for them myself, rather than paying someone else to.

I remind myself daily of how blessed I am, and don’t need anyone else to make me think differently.