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Work from home! April 5, 2012

As a stay at home mom, I am constantly searching for ways to make money from home. I wanted to share my findings with other parents. None of these are considered “full-time” jobs, or dependable sources of income for that matter, but more as a way to bring in extra money. Please feel free to share any other sites you may have found!

1. Online Surveys: These are a couple of sites I have been recommended to, and have been my favorite way to make extra money! Neither of them provide actual cash, but gift certificates towards Amazon, or money through PayPal.

2. Writing, blogging, or other “computer jobs”: These sites have various jobs posted on them. Perfect for those of you with special talents, or skills. Writing is definitely considered a special skill, and people will pay you for it!

3. Try odd jobs: Not necessarily at home, but a great way to make extra money. On, you can babysit in your free time, pet sit, or even become a tutor. On taskrabbit, you can get paid to run errands for someone who just doesn’t have the time.

  • Taskrabbit: Please note: this site is still in the process of expanding, so it is not available in every city!

4. Misc. Jobs: This site has searches available for studies being done in your area, or products needing to be tested. Check back for new listings.

I will keep this page updated as I find new things! Check back soon:)


3 Responses to “Work from home!”

  1. Jen Reg Says: may want to check out to see if it might be something your followers may be interested in. it’s more of full time home based jobs i think, though. like regular office jobs, only, you’re at home. : )

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